About us

Founded in 2002, Studio CEVAS is a high-profile research centre conducting evaluation activities, including interventions for local development, health promotion and drug prevention programmes, restorative justice for minors, safety and legality guidelines, non-formal education of young people and youth participation in civil society, anti-trafficking and violence towards women, health and social services, community development and urban regeneration.

What we do

CEVAS main objectives are to identify “why, for whom and how” specific interventions function, to determine what the effects and impacts of the programmes as well as the mechanisms explaining cases of success and failure are, to develop evaluation methodologies, to support the evaluation of regional operational programmes and regional cohesion policies, and to contribute to the improvement of programme design.

How we work

CEVAS pays particular attention to the transferability of lessons, as well as the interaction and indirect impacts of different policies. CEVAS has also been involved in capacity building projects targeted at national, local network, public, non profit and private stakeholders, developing their skills to plan and evaluate policies through an integrated approach.

  • Evaluation of policy, programmes and interventions
  • Social research
  • Innovation of evaluation methodologies
  • Evaluation and Knowledge building
  • Training courses


>>   CEVAS has a team of experts in evaluation, social research, knowledge building,ICT and professional development. >>>  Our team

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In accordo con i committenti rendiamo disponibili rapporti di valutazione e di ricerca su diversi programmi e aree tematiche.
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